Why In Rainy Season?

The life in melghat becomes worst during rainy season and child mortality is very high during this period.
  • Due to poor hygienic conditions in rainy season, chances of infection are very high.
  • Repeated infections lead to malnutrition.
  • Child usually succumbs to death due to this repeated infection and malnutrition.
  • Every  person goes to farm in this season and nobody is left in the village to take care of children.
  • Due to heavy rainfall, many villages get disconnected and cannot seek medical help when in need
  • Due to unavailability of work during summer , many family migrates to other area and live there in poor, unhygienic condition leading to malnourishment among children.they return back during rainy season and this already malnourished children are more prone to develop infection and further consequences.Also, study all over the world states that the incidence of child mortality is highest in rainy season.



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