Things To Bring

  • Sufficient sets of clothes, Towel, Napkin, Bed sheet, Blanket.

  • Sweater, Jerkin, Rain coat, Umbrella.

  •  Lighter, Match Box,Candle.

  • Identity Card, 2 Passport size recent photo’s

  • Your Medicines.

  • Diary, Pen, Torch and extra cell, Nail Cutter, Tiffin Box.

  • Scissor, Plate, Katori, Spoon, Knife, Water Bottle.

  • Odomos, Soap, College sack, Sandal,Cap.

  • Tooth paste,Brush, Comb, Oil, Carry bag

Dress Code-

For girls:- Salwar-kamiz(Short tops, skirts and sleeveless dress should be avoided)

For boys:-T-shirt, Trek suit.(No Bermudas)

Medical students should bring Stethoscope and other handy instruments with them.

Don’t bring any Valuables other than Wrist Watch.

Once again conform that you have taken all that which is needed.


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