How You Can Help?

If you really want to get involved in it, here are all the ways by which you can make a difference:-

            1.        Spend 10 Days with Us: – Come to Melghat as a volunteer for 10 days for Dhadak Mohim.(Between 22  July 2017 to 30 Sept 2017)

            2.   Become a Leader: – Join Us as a Base-Camp Leader by staying in Melghat for  one month or more than a month.

           3.   Act as a District Level Co-ordinator:- Enroll more and more volunteer From Your District.

           4.   Be As a District Level Team Member: Give Presentation about Dhadak Mohim- attempt to reduce Malnutrition and child death in Melghat in different colleges.

          5.   Act as Active VolunteerArrange presentation in your own college and also in nearby colleges

         6.   Spread the message: Just Put a poster on your College/Office notice board, canteen and nearby hangout place of youngster.( *Please find the attached poster on Home Page as Notice)

         7.   Tell your friends and motivate them to be a part of this initiative.

         8.   Spread the news and involve MediaGive this news to Print media so that more and more people get to know about such initiative    

Don’t be late………………


1) A Volunteer requires 1000 rs. for his/her Lodging, Food, Travelling Insurance,etc..You can adopt one or more volunteer and share this expenses. As due to student life, many volunteers find it difficult to arrange this money.
2) Also you can share the travelling cost of the volunteers from your area upto Dharni (Melghat)

3) Or otherwise you can also directly send the money to Maitri, so that they can utilize it for medicines, vehicles, etc..       

For Account Number of maitri, please visit –

We have a total of four base to run them smoothly, here are the things we are in need of:-

Material needs:-
1) Base camp equipment(Torch , candles, mattress).
2) Food- products- Food Grains like wheat floor, rice, dal, moong, poha, tea , sugar, salt, tamarind, chilly-powder, masala’s, milk powder, rava, etc..
3) Blankets.

Medicinal Requirement:-






Tab Cotrimoxazole/ Septron (Adult) Syp Azithromycin Eye/Ear Drop
Tab Cotrimoxazole/Septron (Paedratric) Syp Paracetamol Dettol
Tab Amoxycillin  (125 mg) Syp Amoxy clav Cotton
Cap Amoxycillin  (250 mg) Syp Cotrimoxazole/ Septron Bandage
Cap Amoxycillin  (500 mg) Syp Amoxycillin Scalp Vein
Tab Paracetamol Syp Ampicillin
Tab Furazolidane Cough Syrup
Tab Metronidazole Lindane Lotion
Tab Norflox TZ Povidine Iodine
Tab Cefixime   ORS
Tab ChlorPhenaraMine   Gentian Violet
Tab Cetrizine    
Tab Azithromycin    
Tab Ivermectin    


2 Responses to How You Can Help?

  1. Asavari Kulkarni says:

    I want to participate in Dhadakmohim as a doctor. What can I do? How to send above mentioned medicines ? How much quantity is needed?

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