About Maitri Dhadak Mohim

Dhadak Mohim (Monsoon campaign to save child deaths) 

This is the pioneering work in Melghat by “MAITRI” since its inception in 1997.

Melghat area is a remote region and geographically very difficult to access. The iP8nhabitants of the region are predominantly ‘Korku’ which is a very backward tribe. By and large it is farming community and follows very primitive type of agriculture. The produce could not support the family for the whole year. This leads to malnutrition which generally is very acute in case of children under 5 years of their age. The condition aggravates in summer and in rainy season when food grain left from the produce of earlier year is hardly enough for the family. Also the environmental conditions are conducive to various infections. Small children with infirm immunity due to malnutrition easily catch these infections. Because of very low literacy level and lack of health education people generally fail to safeguard their children from these illnesses. The result is unfortunate deaths of the children.

MAITRI started its Monsoon campaign known as Dhadak Mohim with the motto ‘not to let a single child die’ during the rainy season. The campaign is being held every year. It started with 12 villages in Chikhaldara block.  For last 2 years the campaign is being held in Dharani block on request from District health Officer, Amrawati.

Salient features of ‘Dhadak Mohim’ are —

  • Volunteer’s participation from all the districts of Maharashtra. Volunteers from  other states also participate.
  • Age group of volunteers participating in the campaign is 18 to 80 years.
  • Volunteers conduct different activities ranging from group discussions to street plays to impart health education and awareness building amongst local people in Melghat.
  • Volunteers work to build bridge between local community and   Primary Health Centers.
  • No. of child deaths has dropped down remarkably over the years. It was 1146 in 1997. It reduced to 509  in 2013.

The effort was well appreciated by both local people as well as government officials. There is remarkable change in number of children in each family…immunization of children. Most of the deliveries are taking place in PHCs.

“Arogya MAITRIN” ——— a trained local health guide is working in the villages which are selected and trained by “MAITRI”.

Till now 1700 volunteers have contributed in ‘Dhadak Mohim’.

6 Responses to About Maitri Dhadak Mohim

  1. Snehal Sudhakar Mohite says:

    I want 2 join your Mohim..would you like to please inform me about that..?

  2. Shrikant Dhotre says:

    want to join, send mi details.

  3. Bhushanbirgale says:

    I am volunteer of last batch its awesome adventure treep to prove myself !!
    What is the date of dhadak mohim 2015 ?

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