• Make your mind beforehand that this is a learning process for you and you are going to follow all the instructions very honestly.
  • Before starting to travel , give important numbers to your family and also to us.
  • Use water , food, medicine, paper, etc very efficiently.
  • Follow the daily time-table sincerely.
  • Leave all your addictions like paan, tobacco, gutkha, cigarette, liquor outside melghat . This people may mimic you.
  • Don’t leave any rubbish as paper , plastic , dressing material in villages. Bring it back to base camp.
  • Don’t start blaming the korku’s about their wrong practice. First , try to understand them.
  • Don’t give any promises to villagers.
  • If you wish to start some new plan here, first discuss it with the group.
  • Don’t get in direct argument with anyone in the village.

While serving melghat, we are also enriching ourselves in various ways.


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